Re reflection.

I think that we didn’t do a very good job of presenting our work although we did learn a lot and if we did have a litle extra time we would have done an a lot better job. The poor amount of work is due to our group trying to do a book jet this didn’t work out and before we realised we had started and lost more than three books. This was also due to many of our group members being away during the time we the had to do this and we found it hard to find a website that info mation that we could understand and even then the websites we did find were not detailed enough and some made up. I think it would be fare to say that we didn’t do enough work if you know the difficulties in which we have had during the time we did our project. Anyway for our project we did the Muslamic religion which is to be honest a truely fasenating religion in the sense you may think youknow all there is to know about this religion and then you would find what you think to be a small aspect which would turn out to be a massive part of the religion if that makes sense. some of the main things I learnt are:

They pray five times a day.

They wear special clothing.

and they believe that the profit muhmad is like our jesus.

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weekly reflection 16th to 23rd of June

I’ve had a good week this week I’ve done loads these include more on my big idea where I think I could have managed my time more effectively  but I still believe that I will get it finished in time ingers crossed. In daily 3 I’m still working on the pice about the bank robber and I have thought of a suitable ending where he gets home and the police are waiting for him so he get areasted and I’m thinking about doing a sequal next term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!In maths we’re still doing maps I’m not that happy about how mines turned out so I’m probaly going to start again and hopefully get it in on time fingers crossed. At dancing I’ve only got 1 week untill my show in Melbourne so I’m really going to needed to knuckle down and get busy practising!!!!

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This week I have done a few good things and think I have done pretty well to my standard. I have done loads on my big idea and Ithink I’ll get it done for sure and do a good job for certain. I have been doing loads of dancing  and I think I’m doing pretty well  and I’m so excited for my show in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!In literacy I’m doing a story on a bank robber thats running away but the twist is that he’s on a roof top 20 meters above the ground. In maths I’m doing a 3-d map which I’ve got a really good plan for and I think will be a really good project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Family member who shows fruits and gifts.

I think that my mum shows the fruits and gifts because she is one of the if not the kindest person I know. S he helps me and my family everyday she cooks, cleans and does everything around the house for us. When she started helping in school  I had at least 50 people come up to me telling me how niece my mum is to everyone I was so happy when I heard everyone say this about my mum.

She is one of the most out going people you will ever meet she is really understanding and she will go to great lengths to put a smile on your face and I think that thats something you don’t find in most people. When she we found out we were coming to Australia she was so calm and even when we were in doubt she kept up our  spirits she would make sure that we knew that she understood that it was hard for us too she did this by always talking to us taking us out on niece days out. She was so amazing when some of the boys at my old school were being quite mean to me about my dancing and I’m so grateful for that because without her I don’t think I would well as happy as I am now about dancing . This is why I think that my mum is a perfect role model of the fruits and gifts I just I wish I could write all day about how much my mum does for me and the people around her I reckon she is the nicest people I know and I couldn’t live without her.



by Max A

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The guilt of the fire.

The guilt of the fire

it starts with the smallest but the blackest of lies

without a leader just a path of divine terror it spreads by storm crackle!

she lets the lie slip like water through the thinnest but the most elegant of fingers

but now she has the strength and the power and in one small destructive blow  her prey falls

but it all started with

the guilt of the fire.

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My reflection on my week

This week I had a good week  I did chess as normal but this week I learnt to do two new moves the first  electric fence move which was cool and I also learnt to do a move called castling which I knew about but I didn’t know how exactly how to do. I have also done a awesome start  to a story  that I found really fun cool because I chose to do it I also had a bit of an unlucky spell where I kept on writing letters backward which was really annoying and frustrating. At dancing I have learnt three new dances one for my exam one for my show in Melbourne and one for my show in Geelong which I have a solo in which I’m really proud of . I think that I could have managed my time better in daily three I guess I didn’t realize how short the time to that was.

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